About CSG Mobility

The division brings together companies operating in the field of transport, especially in the automotive and railway industries.
cssg mobility
About CSG Mobility

The division unites businesses involved in transportation, specifically those in the automotive and railway sectors.

The division brings together companies operating in the field of transport, especially in the automotive and railway industries. The leader of the automotive section is TATRA TRUCKS, the third oldest car manufacturer in the world with more than 170 years of tradition in the production of vehicles, which focuses on heavy vehicles for extreme terrain and the worst climatic conditions with a unique chassis concept. The flagship company in the railway part of the division is DAKO-CZ, one of the three largest European manufacturers of brake systems and components for the world’s leading manufacturers and operators of rail vehicles, such as Siemens and Stadler.

Vision of CSG Mobility

We strive to

  • to be a global leader in the integrated solutions for the mobility of people, goods and freight,
  • to offer comprehensive and integrated solutions for modern 21st century transport systems, including services and maintenance,
  • we cover all parts of the transportation chain, from building and providing transportation energy sources, to road and rail transportation systems, IoT services and comprehensive online diagnostics, maintenance support for the end users of our solutions,
  • to be strong and global leaders in R&D, innovation and applicability of our solutions, achieved by sharing our technical and development capabilities across companies and cooperating with research organizations,
  • to be a leader in the digitization of all our key processes across the individual companies of the Mobility division,
  • to create, expand and share our knowledge, use synergistic effects across individual companies, departments and disciplines of the Mobility division.
  • Our Companies

    More than 150 years of production tradition, the oldest car manufacturer in Central Europe, the third oldest in the world. TATRA is a legend


    Pneumatic, electromechanical, and hydraulic braking systems and components for rolling stock


    The company was founded in April 2021 and its main focus is the production of parts for the DAKO-CZ production program and the manufacturing of spare parts.


    The main activity of the company is service and repair of brake systems and components used in locomotives, passenger cars and freight cars.


    The products meet the highest quality requirements. The company received welding certification from TÜV SÜD Czech in 2022.


    The main task of DAKO-CZ INDIA is to manage the subsidiaries MEDHA DAKO-CZ Pvt. Ltd. and JWL DAKO-CZ INDIA Pvt. Ltd. Ltd.


    Supply of comprehensive and modern braking systems for newly prepared EMU, METRO, and locomotive cars for the Indian Railways.


    Reliable supplier for global manufacturers of railway vehicles and operators of railway transportation.


    Castings and forgings go to the automotive industry, railway industry, manufacturers of agricultural machinery, construction machinery and handling equipment.

    Anti-corruption program

    Against corruption

    Read more about our Compliance Program


    Code of Conduct

    One of the key components of the CSG’s anti-corruption program is the Code of Conduct for the holding’s employees who are obliged to adhere to it. Some of its provisions also concern CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP’s partners, e.g. sales representatives and dealers. The CSG Code of Conduct is based on the requirements of the UK-based Transparency International.

    Code of Conduct

    Ethics Line

    To create a unified reporting channel for testimonies of unethical, corruptive, illegal, unsafe or environment-damaging behaviour, the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding has created the Ethics Line which can be used by anybody to report the above-mentioned problematic behaviour.

    Ethics Line

    We care about the world we live and work in

    We grow sustainably. We continuously invest in the companies that are part of the Group, also with the aim of reducing the ecological footprint and energy intensity of their production. We are developing our corporate governance and continuously improving conditions for our employees.

    Environmental support

    Industry with respect to the environment.

    CSG Strategy

    • We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and exploring opportunities in renewable energy.
    Industry with respect to the environment.Responsible industry starts with people.Resposibility in every decision.

    Social responsibility

    Sustainable corporate governance

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